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Guangdong Jiante CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 in Xiaolan Industrial Park, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It is positioned as a high-quality, high-performance, and efficient intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise.

Our company has developed and manufactured CNC drilling machines, CNC vertical machining centers, CNC gantry machining centers, and CNC profile machine tools for more than ten years. Now we are working hard to add bricks to China's machine tool manufacturing industry. Our company makes automated assembly line solutions, tooling fixtures and supporting robot services for intelligent manufacturing enterprises, and is committed to being an intelligent, innovative and temperature-oriented enterprise.

Our workshop management is positioned in a dust-free and environmentally-friendly factory, focusing on temperature control in the workshop, and achieving stable and high-quality machine tools. We welcome guests with a standardized office environment and an industrial garden plant. The company has sales department, technical department, quality inspection department, tea room, meeting room, finance room, general manager's office, and small external conference room that can accommodate 20-30 people.

Our sales model drilling and tapping machine series:T640、T70、T10、T18

Vertical machining center (two lines and one hard) series:VMC850、VMC1060、VMC1160、VMC1260、VMC1370

Vertical machining center (three lines) series:VML850、VMC1060、VMC1160、VMC1260

High-speed small gantry series:KS1510、KS1613、KS1613Z、KS2013、KS2013Z

Heavy Cutting Gantry Series:KS2015、KS3015、KS3018、KS3023、KS4023

Grouped equipment:CNC mirror spark machine, profile machining center, bull head spark machine, etc.

Objective: Respond to AI intelligent technology and actively create high-end equipment

Business philosophy: Good quality is the key word, serve every customer with heart

Development direction: covering every inch of land in China, radiating the need for "special" places overseas

Our company is a storage enterprise of Zhongshan working mother machine, and can enjoy government subsidies

Workshop environment


Hot Products
Hot products
  • VML-850

  • KS-1613

  • KS-4025

Phone:13923739790(Manager Ou)

18948856139(Manager Zhu)
address:No. 10, Industrial Avenue Middle, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City (Building A)


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