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What are the characteristics of CNC part machining centers?


Now CNC numerical control machine tools have been increasingly used in modern manufacturing, and have played an advantage that ordinary machine tools cannot match. What are the characteristics of CNC part machining centers?

         1. The transmission chain is short. Compared with ordinary machine tools, the spindle drive is no longer a motor-belt-gear pair. , Clutch and other traditional parts, the transmission chain is greatly shortened.




2. High rigidity. In order to match the high precision of the CNC system, the rigidity of the CNC machine tool is high in order to meet the high precision processing requirements.

        3. Lightly drag, the tool holder (table) uses ball screw pair to move, the friction is small, and the movement is light. The pressure-supported special bearings at both ends of the screw have larger pressure angles than ordinary bearings and are selected at the factory; the lubricating part of the CNC machine tool is automatically lubricated with oil mist. These measures make the CNC machine tool move light.

        The basic composition of CNC machine tools includes CNC system, CNC device, machine tool body, servo drive device, and other auxiliary devices. As a high-precision processing equipment, CNC machine tools have high requirements on the environment, air, power and other factors during the processing. They are also easily affected by these factors, a small operation error or a certain index is not up to standard. Will make the product obtained very different. The domestic CNC machine tool users often do not have such a good use environment, and try to meet the operating environment of CNC machine tools as much as possible.

        Manufacturers of CNC vertical machining centers recommend that the installation location of CNC machine tools should be away from vibration sources, avoid the direct sunlight and heat radiation, and avoid the effects of humidity and airflow. If there is a vibration source near the machine tool, anti-vibration grooves should be set around the machine tool. Otherwise, it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool, will cause poor contact of electronic components, cause failure, and affect the reliability of the machine tool. If possible, the use of CNC machine tools should be placed in an air-conditioned environment and maintain a constant room temperature. The more expensive the machine tool, the more it should be used in an air-conditioned room to avoid unnecessary loss of accuracy.


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