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• The company's product technical service department has a full-time engineer to provide a full-day hotline service, which is responsible for providing technical support and after-sales service to users in order to provide relevant users with timely and effective time.

• All employees of the company are obliged to record customer feedback issues, mobilize all staff, and keep a record of customer complaints, reflecting the attitude of serving customers.

• Record the problem and the whole process until the customer confirms that the problem is solved.

• For issues that are not resolved within the time limit, the alarm level is gradually increased until the general manager personally intervenes.

1) After-sale installation

Free installation, commissioning and training: The main content of the training is the basic structure, performance, structure and principle of main components, daily use operation, maintenance and management, troubleshooting, and emergency treatment.

(2) Scope and time of warranty

The warranty scope is a product provided by the company to the customer.

From the date of signing the product, after the equipment is qualified, the equipment warranty period is one year and lifetime maintenance.

A non-human fault can be replaced with a new machine within one month.

(3) Response time

After the equipment fails, it will respond within 2 hours. If it cannot be effectively resolved within 48 hours, the same grade of equipment will be provided free of charge to the customer for temporary use, and the replaced parts are original accessories.

(4) Active care measures

Provide complete operating instructions, maintenance manuals and technical documents related to maintenance, do not conceal technical details related to maintenance.

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Hot products
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