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Common processing methods for CNC machine tool problems


1. Poor precision of CNC parts machining center, poor positioning accuracy of machine tools, and machine tool workpieces with knife marks.

     (1) Check whether the values of the pitch compensation and backlash compensation parameters in the machine tool system are correct.



(2) Check whether the motor of the CNC part machining center and the screw shaft coupling are loose.

    (3) Use a dial indicator to check whether the axis where the machine has a problem has a backlash, and measure the backlash value. You can add the corresponding value in the backlash compensation parameter of the machine tool system, and restart after shutting down. The backlash of the machine tool is too large. The preload of the screw nut of the machine tool can be adjusted to eliminate the backlash of the CNC part machining center.

    (4) Check whether the insert of the machine tool is loose.

    (5) Check if there is any loose connection between the machine's motor wiring and servo system wiring, whether the shielded wiring is reliable, and if there are no missing steps.

    (6) Check if the top screw of the machine screw nut is loose.

    2. CNC vertical machining center manufacturers talk about accuracy issues:

    (1) Inaccurate reference point return: The parameter setting is incorrect or the coupling screws are loose, and the zero bumper is not adjusted properly. After the power is turned off, the zero bumper is adjusted to adjust the bumper.

    (2) Gradually shift to one side during processing: A. Inaccurate positioning and repeated positioning. Loose bearing mother or loose gland must be tightened. B. The lead screw itself has a large gap, which leads to inaccurate positioning. Repair or replace the wire. Bars; C, system signal problems.

    (3) Milling circle deviation is large: A, machine tool X, Y direction perpendicularity is too poor, adjust; B, reference setting is wrong, set correct parameters; C, backlash is large or positioning is inaccurate, maintenance is required; ( 4), caused by the tool not being clamped; (5), the problem of the tool itself or the program or the computer must be checked and resolved; (6), the problem caused by the fixture, check and eliminate.

    3. Reasons for inflexible shifting: The solenoid valve is not clean and the overflow valve is not adjusted properly. Treatment method: clean the solenoid valve and adjust the relief valve.


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