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What should be paid attention to CNC vertical machining center?


1. When fixing the main shaft to the headstock, use a torque wrench, and the locking force (7000N) must be the same, and no inclination can occur.

2. In the process of disassembling the main shaft, we must keep in mind the order and location of parts disassembly, and mark with a marker pen. For key or complex parts, you can take pictures with mobile phones or digital cameras to prevent errors during installation.


3. Before the main shaft is installed, check the lubrication of the bearings of the main shaft; clean the parts where the box is in contact with the main shaft, and remove the places with sharp angles.

4. In particular, operators should be reminded to ensure the lubrication of the bearings of the main shaft, and timely fill the lubricant to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool.

The CNC vertical machining center manufacturers have explained the following principles:

When we use CNC machine tools to process parts, we usually need to control the various actions of the machine tool. One is the sequence of control actions, and the other is the displacement of the moving parts of the machine tool. When ordinary CNC machine tools are used for processing, such operations as driving, parking, cutting, reversing, spindle speed change, and switching of cutting fluid are all directly controlled by humans. When using automatic machine tools and profiling CNC machine tools, the above-mentioned operation and motion parameters are controlled in the form of analog quantities through designed cams, molds, and stops. Although they can process more complex parts, and There is a certain degree of flexibility and versatility, but the machining accuracy of parts is affected by the precision of cam and master manufacturing, and the process preparation time is also very long.

When using CNC machine tools to process parts, only the part graphics, process parameters, processing steps, etc. must be programmed into the machine control system in the form of digital information, and then be processed by the machine to be converted into instructions to drive the servo mechanism. Signals, so as to control the coordinated action of each part of the machine tool to automatically process the parts. When changing the processing object, you only need to rewrite the program code and input it to the machine tool, and then most of the functions of the human brain and hands can be replaced by the numerical control device, and the entire process of processing is controlled to produce any complex parts.

The control system of CNC machine tools can generally control the machine tool according to digital program instructions to realize automatic start, stop, reversing and speed change of the spindle, can automatically control the feed speed, direction and processing route, perform processing, can select tools and adjust eating tools according to the size Measurement and walking trajectory, can complete various auxiliary actions required in processing.


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